Posters page is now available

20 Feb 2022: We have added a new page to our group website, where you can view some of our recent posters that have presented at a variety of conferences and workshops. Click here to take a look now.

Congratulations Joel!

17 Feb 2022: Congratulations to Joel for successfully defending his PhD thesis on random scattering of surface plasmons for biosensing. Read it here. Thanks also to his examiners Prof. Thomas Søndergaard and Prof. Martin McCall.

New BSc project students

8 Jan 2022: The group welcomes its latest additions: Haomin Zhang and Sun Yang, who will be undertaking their BSc final year research project with us.

PhD thesis submitted

17 Dec 2021: Well done to Joel for submitting his PhD thesis today! With all the turbulence of the pandemic this is a major achievement and required a lot of hard work! You have earnt a good break before your viva. Congratulations!

Disordered nanoisland surface plasmon sensor - paper published

15 Dec 2021: After some unfortunate covid delays, our experimental collaboration with Prof. Donghyun Kim and Hongki Lee from Yonsei University has born fruit! Read all about our work demonstrating single label free nanoparticle detection using random scattering of surface plasmons on a random nanoisland sensor, in our paper just published in Nanotechnology.

ICOEO and PIERS conferences postponed

8 Dec 2021: Due to recent covid outbreaks in China, both the ICOEO and PIERS conferences are postponed. This means you will unfortunately have to wait until 25-27 March 2022 and 25-29 April 2022 respectively to see talks from Niall and Matthew.

New arXiv preprint

15 Oct 2021: You can read our latest preprint describing recent experimental results from our collaboration with Prof. Donghyun Kim of Yonsei University and his group, showing single particle detection using random plasmon scattering.

Polarisation properties of random scattering media - paper published

29 Sep 2021: Our latest article on the polarisation properties of a restricted class of random scattering media has finally been published in Optics Communications.

IOP Stochastic Electromagnetism and Coherence Conference

6 Sep 2021: Matthew gave a keynote talk as part of the IOP Stochastic Electromagnetism and Coherence Conference discussing our recent work on modelling of polarisation imaging through scattering media. There was a wide diverse range of speakers at this interesting event. Many thanks to the organisers for the invitation.

Absorption and multiple scattering enhanced particle sensing - paper published

2 Aug 2021: The second of our papers discussing enhancing single particle detection using multiple scattering has just been published in Physical Review Research. This article focuses on the particular role absorption can play on achievable enhancements.

OSA Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress

21 Jul 2021: Joel will be presenting his recent work on tracking single particles using random scattering at the OSA Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress tomorrow as part of the Nanophotonics and Plasmonics Biosensors III session. If you are attending then check out his talk!

Theory of multiple scattering enhanced particle sensing - paper published

19 Jul 2021: Our recent theoretical article on enhancing single particle detection using multiple scattering has just been published in ACS Photonics. Well done to Joel for his hard work on this!

MDPI Sensors Editorial Board

11 Jun 2021: Matthew has been invited to become a Editor for the Sensing and Imaging Section of the MDPI Sensors journal.

Anomalous resonance shifts - paper published

12 May 2021: New collaborative paper has just been published in Optics Letters in which Harald Schwefel and his group from the University of Otago in New Zealand experimentally realise predictions we made of anomalous resonance shifts in optical resonators.

Two new arXiv submissions

7 May 2021: We have just submitted two new preprints to arXiv on our work on multiple scattering of surface plasmons as a means to enhance single particle detection. You can read them here and here.

Photonics seminar

2 May 2021: Joel gave a nice talk as part of the Photonics seminar series about his PhD results so far.

Royal Society URF Extension

30 Apr 2021: We have been successful in our funding application. The Royal Society has extended Matthew's University Research Fellowship for a further 3 years. The project includes study of polarization imaging through scattering media and fundamental analysis of such systems from an information theoretic perspective.

Talk accepted - OSA Sensors conference

29 Apr 2021: Joel has been accepted to give a talk at the OSA Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress. Congratulations!

Time varying media workshop

28 Apr 2021: Matthew attended the second session of the Waves in Time-Varying Media workshop. An interesting set of talks, just as with the first session on the March 31st. Thanks to the organising committee.

Vector scattering matrix symmetry constraints - paper published

10 Feb 2021: Niall's paper looking at various physical symmetry constraints imposed on vector scattering and transfer matrices has just been published in Physical Review Research.

Single pixel polarimetric imaging - paper published

9 Oct 2020: Cheryl Seow has just had her paper published in Optics Letters. She reports on her PhD work, co-supervised by Peter Török, looking at using single pixel imaging for polarimetric studies through thick strongly scattering media.

Welcome Zhonghe

5 Oct 2020: A new member has joined the group. We welcome Zhonghe Feng who also works jointly in the group of Prof. Mark Neil. As part of a Microsoft funded project, he will focus on building and modelling a system capable of measuring 3D birefringence distributions.

Congratulations Cheryl

15 Apr 2020: Despite current coronavirus restrictions Cheryl has successfully defended her PhD thesis on single pixel polarimetric imaging through scattering media. Congratulations - well deserved! Thanks also to her PhD examiners Dr. Peter Munro and Prof. Chris Dunsby. Read her thesis here.